How to Improve External Communication


External communication is how a business or organization communicates with those outside of the organizational structure. This ranges from customers and clients, to utility providers and business partners, to fund-raising entities and basically anyone who isn't on the company payroll. Good external communication is just as important as good internal communication, so there needs to be special care placed on making sure that those outside the company receive the same care and respect as those inside the company.

  • Gather external feedback. Feedback refers to the reports made to the company by all external sources that lay out strengths and weaknesses in your ability to deliver services and products. Whether customers call in to complain, or you offer surveys to clients that rate your performance or use another method, the feedback will point out gaps in your communication ability.

  • Address the external communication issues that you find. You might find that customers feel they aren't being treated with respect, or that they're given the run around by company representatives. You might find that your email service is mislabeling emails from clients as spam so that requests and questions aren't received. There are hundreds of potential external communication problems. Once you find out exactly what is causing miscommunication, you can proceed.

  • Create a solution for the external communication problems. For instance, if customers report that representatives use too much technical jargon, then train the representatives to break things down as simply as is needed. If your clients are reporting that your phone service isn't working, then get it repaired and set it up to be as easy to navigate as possible. If online customers want more information, update your website and perhaps offer them a way to track orders or get instant message help from a representative. Whatever the solution, it should address the concern and present a workable fix.

  • Gather feedback on the solution for your external communication problem. You need to get the feelings of those who are affected by the solution to see whether or not it has solved the issue, both for your company employees and for the outside representatives who are participating in the external communication process.

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