How to Fly a Paper Airplane Made With Straws & Paper

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Having fun with paper planes

Flying paper airplanes has long been a favorite activity of kids everywhere. Getting a plane to fly farther distances and for a longer amount of time requires some planning, but the results always pay off; few other childhood projects rival the excitement of seeing a well-made paper airplane fly through the air.


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      Find a safe, elevated location in an open space that will allow for a paper airplane to be flown without hitting obstacles. The location should allow for ample bodily movement without the possibility of falling.

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      Grasp the bottom of the airplane between your thumb and index finger. Extend your arm fully, so that the nose of the airplane is pointed toward the ground. Bend your arm upwards and back toward your body so that the airplane is now positioned next to your right ear, parallel to the ground.

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      Extend your arm quickly in a forward motion and release your grip on the airplane just before your arm is extended fully. Release the airplane when it is still parallel to the ground.

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