How to Drill Dash in "BioShock 2"


In "BioShock 2" you are equipped from the start of the game with a powerful drill weapon that can be used to bore through or smash your opponents. The drill dash is a special type of attack with your drill that you learn in the third level of the game. It allows you to rapidly charge an opponent and then viciously slam him with the heavy drill. The drill dash ability allows you to quickly close the gap between you and your foes, inflicting heavy damage on them in quick succession.

Things You'll Need

  • Research camera
  • Drill fuel
  • Locate a brute splicer in the "Pauper's Drop" level. Make your way to the northeast corner of the Market area, to the east of the Town Square, to quickly find one.

  • Use the research camera on the brute splicer you find and proceed to kill him with heavy weapons and plasmids while the camera is recording. This will unlock the drill dash ability.

  • Equip your drill and hold the button that normally fires your weapon. This will cause your drill to make a loud noise.

  • Center your crosshairs on the target you wish to hit with the drill dash. If it is an enemy you are targeting, make sure your crosshairs turn red so that you know your enemy is in range of the attack.

  • Tap the melee attack button while the drill is revving to execute the charge. You will rush forward very quickly and swing your drill at whatever you have targeted.

Tips & Warnings

  • The drill dash is a good way to start a fight, especially against one to three opponents, as it can easily knock out one opponent instantly.
  • Using the Electric Bolt plasmid just before you charge will shock your enemy and stun it for a few seconds, preventing it from getting out of your path.
  • If you are facing a large number of enemies, dashing into the center of them can be dangerous, as they will quickly surround you.

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