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The Cisco 7961 is a multi-line, full-featured, IP phone system, which means it delivers its voice services over the Internet. The 7961 has a graphical display for easy operation. It also features programmable soft keys, up to six phone lines, voice mail capabilities, and options for a handset or hands free communication by way of a built-in speakerphone or by adding a headset to the unit. The softkeys are used for many of the phones functions. You can find the softkeys located under the display screen. They are programmed to let a user change their function depending on what is needed.

Basic Phone Operation

  • Press a feature button to activate its specific function. Feature buttons are located on the phone base opposite the keypad. Press the "Mail" icon to access your voice mail messages. Press the "Phonebook" icon to access your company and personal directories. Press the "World" icon to access services such as speed dial setup.

  • Press the "Check Box" icon to access user settings such as ring tones. Just below the feature buttons you will find the "Volume Setting" button. Use this button to adjust handset, headset and speaker volume. Below the volume button there are three additional buttons. Press the "Headset" icon to activate or deactivate the headset. Press the "microphone" icon to toggle the mute feature on and off. Press the "Speaker" icon to activate or deactivate the speaker phone.

  • Dial directly from the keypad by lifting the handset and dialing your call. You can also place a phone call by pressing the line button assigned to the specific line you wish to use. Line buttons are located to the right of the display screen. Your display will show an extension number which corresponds to each of your line buttons. After selecting your desired line, simply dial your number from the keypad. To use the speakerphone or headset option press the button with the speaker or headset icon located on the phone base before dialing.

  • Press the speaker button, softkey labeled "Answer" or blinking line button to answer a hands free call. To end the call press the speaker button again. If you have a headset attached, press the softkey labeled "Answer" or blinking line button to answer an incoming call. To end the call and keep the headset active for other calls, press the "End Call" softkey. To discontinue use of the headset, press the headset button to hang up the current call. When you already have a call in progress and you want to answer an incoming call, press the "Answer" softkey or the blinking amber button to place your current call on hold and answer the incoming call.

  • Press the softkey labeled "Transfer" to transfer your current call to another extension. Enter the desired number. Once the call is connected you may disconnect by hitting the "Transfer" softkey once more. If you choose to cancel the transfer, push the "End Call" soft key to return to your original call.

Advanced 7961 Options

  • Press the "More" then "Confrn" softkey during a call if you wish to conference in another call. Next, dial the new number. While you are placing the second call your first call will be on hold. Once your second call is connected press the "Confrn" soft key once more to join both calls together. You may add additional parties by repeating these steps. If your second call is not available you can drop the call by pressing the "Resume" softkey this will return you to the first caller.

  • Press the "CfwdAll" softkey to forward all of your incoming calls to another phone number. Once you press the "CfwdAll" softkey you will hear a series of two short beeps, after this prompt enter the number you wish to forward your calls to and hang up. Be sure to enter the number just as you would if you were placing a call to that number from your office. To cancel call forwarding, press the "CfwdAll" soft key.

  • Press the question mark icon to access additional help for the Cisco 7961 IP phone. Press once if you are not currently on a call or twice if you have a call in progress. After pressing the question mark icon, select the button that refers to the feature you want help with using. Use the soft keys and arrows to navigate the help directory.

  • Press the directory button to search the corporate directory for a phone number, enter letters using the keypad. Use the softkeys, located under the display screen to search and dial.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also switch to speakerphone while on a call by pressing the speaker button and then hanging up the handset.

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