How to Make Your Pokemon 100 Fast in "Pokemon LeafGreen"


Creating a team of level 100 Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen takes a certain amount of grinding. The amount of experience points (exp) necessary to rises progressively as you level, slowing considerably once you reach a certain point of the game. There are many cheating devices that allow you to "hack" the game to get around this grinding process. Types of codes include increased exp gain and infinite Rare Candies. But there are also legitimate ways of quickly reaching level 100 built into the game once you have reached the final stages of the game.

  • Trade for the Pokemon that you want to speed-level from another player. Pokemon that have been traded through a linking cable from one game to another gain exp at double the normal rate. You either make the deal with another player to have them capture the Pokemon for you, or capture the Pokemon yourself and trade.

  • Go to the Safari Zone and capture Chansey. Chansey have a low chance, approximately 5%, of holding an item called a Lucky Egg. Lucky Eggs double the experience gained from each battle for the Pokemon holding one. You can find Chansey in the Central Area and Area 2. Continue capturing Chansey until you have six Lucky Eggs, one for each member of your team.

  • Return Lorelei of the Elite Four to the Pokemon League. The Pokemon League will be shut down after your first victory while Lorelei deals with Team Rocket in her home, the Sevii Islands. The Sevii Islands are a chain of islands added for this remade version of the game. You may visit the islands by speaking to Professor Oak once you have captured more than 60 Pokemon. Defeat all the Team Rocket members on the islands for Lorelei and she will return to the Pokemon League, allowing you to challenge the Elite Four again.

  • Give the Lucky Eggs you've gathered to your traded Pokemon and train them against wild Pokemon that match their levels. The effects of the trade bonus and the Lucky Egg will stack, increasing exp gain by 400%.

  • Fight the Elite Four again once your Pokemon reach level 60. The Elite Four will have upgraded their teams, adding new Pokemon with increased levels to their teams. Battling trained Pokemon yields bonus exp to what you would get from a wild Pokemon of the same level. This increased rate will be further enhanced by the 400% bonus.

  • Challenge the Elite Four as many times as you wish, maximizing your experience gained per fight.

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