How to Read a Deposit Ticket

Make sure deposit tickets are filled out before approaching a bank teller.
Make sure deposit tickets are filled out before approaching a bank teller. (Image: Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Customers of banks and other financial institutions including consumers, businesses and organizations use deposit tickets to make a deposit into a savings or checking account. When using a deposit ticket you must fill in certain information prior to making a deposit. You can make deposits by stopping inside a bank, at an ATM or at a night drop window. Some banks don’t require deposit tickets when you deposit money at an ATM.

Review the top left portion of the deposit ticket. The name and address of the account holder will appear in this section of the deposit ticket. The address will include the street address and the city and state. This information helps the bank personnel identify a customer easier.

Take a look at the date section of the deposit ticket. A place to put the date will appear below the name and address also to the left of the ticket. This is the date that funds are being deposited into your account.

Locate the signature section of the deposit ticket, which falls under the date section. When making a deposit in person, you must sign the deposit ticket if you are receiving cash back from your deposit.

Read the cash or currency section to the right and top of the deposit ticket. A place to list your cash deposit such as dollars and coins is listed to the right in ledger form.

Find the check section. If you are depositing checks, there is a place below the cash and coin or currency section to list every check. If you do not have enough room on the front of the deposit ticket, a place on the back of the ticket allows you to list additional checks. You can total the checks listed on the back and carry that total over to the front, then list it in the section that says, “Checks or total from other side”.

Subtotal all items entered on the front of the deposit ticket. Your subtotal will include all cash, coins and checks as well as any check total from the back of the deposit ticket.

Determine if you are receiving cash back. Below the subtotal section is a portion of the ticket that says, “Less cash received”. Use this sectionif you want to receive cash back from your deposit.

Calculate your net deposit. The net deposit is your subtotal figure less any cash you received.

Get your account number. If these are your own personal deposit tickets, which you received with your check book, your account number will be prefilled at the bottom in the center. Deposit tickets provided by the bank will have a space for you to enter your account number.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you fill out the deposit ticket before you approach the teller window you save time for everyone.
  • If you make a mistake on a deposit ticket you can get a new ticket and start all over or the teller will have you initial the mistake.
  • If you are filling out deposit tickets which have carbon copies make sure you destroy the carbons. This process helps prevent identity theft.

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