How to Use a Lipless Crankbait


Bass fishermen most commonly use lipless crankbaits, one of the best baits to use when searching for concentrations of bass. The most common size of lipless crankbaits is 1/2 oz., and they have an aerodynamic shape that allows fishermen to cast them over great distances. As a result, they can cover water and generate bites from bass that hear the baits, which have BBs inside them, swim in their vicinity.

Things You'll Need

  • Rod and reel
  • Line
  • Tie the lipless crankbait to a medium to medium-heavy action rod and reel spooled with 10-lb. test line. A Palomar knot (see Resources) is a good choice for connecting the bait and the line.

  • Cast the bait to likely areas. Some of the best places for fishing lipless crankbaits are along weed edges, drop-offs and across weed flats.

  • Retrieve the bait at different speeds. Some days, the fish will hit the lure only if it is moving fast just under the surface of the water. Other days, they are more apt to hit the bait if it is fished slowly just above the surface of the bottom.

  • Bump the bait into cover as you retrieve it. If you are fishing over vegetation, for example, let the bait hit the vegetation as you reel it in, then rip it off the vegetation with a sharp sweep of your rod tip. The erratic motion can entice a nearby bass to strike the bait.

  • Keep your rod tip low when fighting the fish. Bass often jump and shake their heads when you are reeling them in, and they often are successful at getting the hooks to pop out of their mouths. By keeping the rod tip close to the water, bass are less likely to jump.

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