How to Sponsor a 5K

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Sponsoring a running event can increase brand recognition.

Mini-marathons and other races are held to support charitable causes, help local communities and promote fitness and running. By sponsoring a 5K running event, businesses and individuals will aid a charitable cause while also reinforcing their brand image and increasing recognition. Sponsorship provides the opportunity to generate goodwill throughout the community and be involved in other parts of the race such as expos, networking opportunities and post-race celebrations.


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      Choose a 5K event in your area. Many charitable 5K runs hold events nationwide for various causes like the Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure 5K and AIDS Run/Walk 5K. Many races are typically held during holidays, festivals and other local events. Don't ignore larger race events such as marathons and full marathons, they also often include a 5K race. Typically, sponsors select a cause that relates to their organization, company or foundation.

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      Decide on a sponsorship level. The 5K event may offer different types of sponsorship levels depending on the monetary donation amount. For example, a $5,000 platinum level features your company logo on all race printed materials, finish line banner, water stations, website and on the front of race shirts. A $2,500 gold level puts your logo on all printed materials, back of the race shirts and on the banner at finish line. The higher the monetary donation you provide, the more coverage your company or organization's logo receives.

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      Complete a sponsor sign-up form. The form typically requires information such as level of sponsorship, donation amount and payment. Most races such as the Pikesville 5K in Maryland for University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center and Sensata 5K in Massachusetts for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have sponsorship sign-up forms available online.

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      Submit the sponsor sign-up form and make your donation online using a credit card. Other options include printing and mailing the sponsorship form and having a sponsorship form mailed to you.

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      Call or email event organizers regarding any inquiries you may have such as sponsorship recognition, volunteering and any other type of involvement you may be interested in.

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