How to Speed Hack in World of Warcraft


The "World of Warcraft" massive multiplayer online role-playing game permits players to traverse entire continents using ships, zeppelins and portals. These are all effective, but some players conclude they don't have time for these forms of in-game transportation to get them around the large Warcraft world and begin to seek ways to speed things up. Speed "hacks" in "World of Warcraft" use a method that drops game networking packets at regular intervals to increase speed of travel. The most widely used tool for this purpose is "Cheat Engine."

  • Download and install the "Cheat Engine" software (see Resources).

  • Start up "World of Warcraft" game client first and log into your game account. Once the game is loaded and operational, start "Cheat Engine."

  • Locate the small computer icon in the upper left corner of the Cheat Engine program screen. The icon is directly under the "File" dropdown menu. Click on the computer icon to open the list of processes running on the computer. Since "World of Warcraft" is running, the program will detect it and will display 00000294-WoW.exe in the list. Click on 00000294-WoW.exe to highlight it, then click the "Open" button below the selection list.

  • Place a check mark in the box next to the label "Enable Speed Hack," then enter the desired speed increase in the box directly under that label. A setting of between 15 and 20 is optimal. Click the "Apply" button when ready to begin playing.

  • Minimize the "Cheat Engine" screen (don't close it) and maximize the "World of Warcraft" game screen and play. You will notice that your character moves through the game fast. If you find that the character moves too fast to control, reduce the speed setting in Cheat Engine and click "Apply" again to let the change take effect.

  • Turn off the speed increase when desired by removing the check mark in "Enable Speed Hack," then click "Apply" to disable it completely. Return to the game and play at normal speed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Blizzard Entertainment (creators of "World of Warcraft") frowns on certain kinds of hacks that give weapons and gear unfair advantages over other players. "Cheat Engine" permits more cheats for "World of Warcraft" than just the simple speed hack, and those other cheats could get you banned from the game if you are caught using them. When using the speed hack, do so in large outdoor areas away from other players to avoid complaints. Never use this speed hack in PvP battlegrounds; players will report you and your account could be terminated. If used strictly for travel between cities and continents, chances of getting into trouble with this technique can be minimized.

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