How to Turn in Sunfury Signets in "World of Warcraft"


By the time you've spent a few hours in Outland, your "World of Warcraft" character has likely amassed a few bags full of Sunfury Signets. Rather than toss them out or sell them for mere coppers, turn them in for honor with the Scryers faction in Shattrath City. You must first complete the quests "A'Dal," "City of Light," and "Allegiance to the Scryers" in Shattrath City before you can turn in your signets.

Magistrix Fyalenn and Battlemage Vyara

  • Magistrix Fyalenn is one of the two individuals that will reward you for Sunfury Signets.You can find her in the Scryer's Tier of the Shattrrath City, close to the entrance of the Seer's Library. If you're using map addons, her map coordinates are 45, 81. For every 10 Sunfury Signets you turn in, you will receive 250 reputation with the Scryers faction and lose 275 reputation with the Aldor. An additional NPC, Battlemage Vyara, can be found in Shadowmoon Valley southeast of Shattrah City.

Rewards for Higher Reputation

  • While most of the reputation rewards for the Scryers aren't very useful in version 6.0.3 of "World of Warcraft," the Scryers tabard you gain at Exalted reputation still has value; this stylish black and yellow tabard can go towards the "Ten Tabards," "Twenty-Five Tabards" and "Thirty Tabards" achievements. In addition to equipment and crafting plans, Arcanist Xorith and Haldor the Compulsive are reputation vendors who offer a number of raid flasks, provided you also have some Marks of the Illidari. These flasks are only usable in raid areas, but can give you the edge you need to pull out victory.

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