How to Get to Bloodmyst Isle in "World of Warcraft"


Bloodmyst Isle is a starting zone for the Alliance in World of Warcraft; it is usually reserved for the Draenei race, although any Alliance race can obtain quests there. One of the Alliance capital cities, Darnassus, provides a portal for direct access to the Exodar, a city just south of Bloodmyst Isle. If you're a member of the horde, you'll have a more difficult time gaining access to the zone. Unless you have a flying mount, you'll have to penetrate the Alliance capital of Stormwind to begin your journey.


  • Go to Darnassus and enter the Temple of the Moon. If you are already on Kalimdor, you can take a flight path up to Darnassus. If you are not yet on Kalimdor, you can take a boat from Stormwind to Rut'theran village and jump through the pink portal to enter the city.

  • Right-click the portal to Exodar, guarded by the portal trainer. Exit the Exodar. You will find yourself on a road.

  • Travel left on the road. Continue all the way north until you come to another road. Turn north on that road and you will enter the Bloodmyst Isle.


  • Travel to Rut'theran Village. The only way to get to Rut'theran Village for the Horde is to take a boat from Stormwind or to fly there with a flying mount. Taking a boat from Stormwind will enable PvP, so opposing players can attack you.

  • Exit the boat once you reach Rut'theran Village. Take the boat on the right-most dock. The boat will arrive in Azuremyst Isle. Take the road out of the dock until you reach a fork. Turn left and follow the road until you reach another fork.

  • Turn left and continue on until you come to a path that turns left and right, near the Exodar. Take the right path until you arrive above Stillpine Hold. You will see another fork; take the path that goes north.

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