How to Jump in "Minecraft"


For the most part, any object blocking your path in "Minecraft" is easily destroyed by tunneling straight through it; sometimes, however, you'll need other maneuvers to escape danger. Jumping is one of the most useful of your acrobatic skills since it helps you explore, evade pursuing monsters and climb ladders faster. Depending on whether you're playing the PC or home console version, the button you must press will vary.

Jumping Mechanics

  • You can only jump one block's height, meaning you could jump up to a single block next to you, but not a stack of two blocks. You also can't jump over a fence; even though these decorative pieces look like they're one block tall, they're actually slightly taller than that. Fortunately, most monsters also can't hop over fences either, giving them some worth as protection. Lastly, you can also jump while climbing a ladder to reach the top quicker.

Minecraft PC Controls

  • By default, tapping the spacebar makes your character jump into the air. To change your jump controls, press "Esc" to open the main menu, then click "Options" followed by "Controls." Here you can change most of the game's controls, including the jump key. Click the word "Space" next to the Jump option to indicate that you want to change this key. Press whatever key you would prefer to use instead, which immediately sets that key as the new one. Click "Done" when you're finished changing options. You cannot restore the default keys all at once; you would need to manually change each key back to its original mapping.

Jump Console Controls

  • Xbox 360 and One players jump with the "A" button, while PlayStation 3 and 4 players use the "X" button. On all four of these console versions, pause the game and select "Options" to change the layout. Return to the game to automatically save your changes.

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