How to Identify a Portobello Mushroom

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Enjoy portobello mushrooms as a substitute for hamburgers.

Portobello mushrooms are a large variety of mushroom that have a cap with a 6-inch diameter. Popular for their meaty flesh, portobello mushroom caps can be grilled and eaten on a roll as a burger or sliced and served with pasta. The stem is not typically consumed but can be used in making a soup or stock. Portobello mushrooms got their name in the 1980s when sellers tried to re-brand the mushroom, one they couldn't sell at the time.


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      Look at all the mushrooms available at your grocery store. The largest ones available are likely portobellos.

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      Examine the mushroom's cap. Portobello mushrooms have light tan caps when fresh with a rounded texture. As they mature, the cap will turn a darker brown and take on a wrinkled texture. The cap's edges will be uneven.

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      Look at the gills. The portobello's gills are fully exposed and not attached to the stem. The exposed gills means the mushroom's moisture has evaporated, creating a more intense flavor.

Tips & Warnings

  • Portobellos are the fully grown version of Crimean mushrooms, which is a variation on the common white mushroom.

  • Refrigerate your portobello mushrooms as soon as you get home to help them maintain a fresh flavor.

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