How to Name a Dog Daycare

Find a relevant name for your dog daycare.
Find a relevant name for your dog daycare. (Image: Thinkstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

Any business needs a relevant and memorable name if it is going to stand out from its competitors. Dog daycare centers are no different, and if you can conjure up a name that people will remember easily, then it will certainly help when they tell their friends later on. A name that rhymes and rolls off the tongue will make it more memorable and a name that centers on a dog-based theme will help customers associate your brand with your profession.

Create a name that reflects the key concepts and elements of your business. According to the Small Business Branding website, you can make your name act as an advertising platform by associating it with your profession. Customers who perhaps don't know who you are--but need a dog daycare center--might search for words like "dog," "daycare" and "top" or "best." If your company is called "Top Dog Daycare," you will be top of that search list and people will immediately know what you do.

Choose a name that's easy to pronounce and does not take too long to write down. Shorter names will make it easier for people to write and type your name into a search engine or in an email. An easy-to-pronounce brand name will also avoid any confusions or mispronunciations. For example, a name such as "Give the Dog a Home Center" is too long and people may confuse the word "Home" with "Bone"--a name like "Happy Dog Daycare" is instead much shorter and clearer.

Hire a professional marketer and brand developer to help you with your naming process. Expect to dish out a fair amount of your budget on a campaign, but an expert has access to market knowledge and consumer research. Check their track record first to see which kind of businesses they have worked with before; an expert in computers, for example, might be wasted on a dog daycare business.

Name your daycare with a letter that comes at the beginning of the alphabet. Some consumers will search your company in the phone book or via online listings, which are always ordered alphabetically. If your business is called "ABC-Doggy Daycare," then you will be closer to the top of that list. Don't overestimate your market because some people will simply choose the first name they see without doing any research.

Avoid making any of the common mistakes associated with naming your business. According to the Entrepreneur website, avoid using the "train wreck" method of joining an adjective and a noun by forcing them together into a new made-up word. Examples like "Efficare" (Efficient Care) and "Canincare" ("Canine Care") sound too forced and forgettable and might make your center famous for the wrong reasons.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid using your own name in the title. Although pride and family tradition might state otherwise, the public will be less clued up as to what you do--a company called "O'Neill's" could offer anything, but one called "The Doggy Daycare Unit" is much more obvious.

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