How to Make Arrows in "Minecraft"


Having a bow in "Minecraft" might give you a ranged advantage, but it means nothing if you don't have some arrows to shoot. While you can gather them from villagers and fallen Skeletons, you can also make arrows yourself.

Crafting Arrows

  • At the crafting table, bring flint, a wooden stick and a feather. Flint comes from mining gravel and the feathers come from defeating chickens. Pick any of the columns in the 3-by-3 crafting grid; it doesn't matter which. Place the stick in the middle square of the column, with flint directly above it and a feather directly below it. This arrangement yields four arrows.

Other Ways to Get Arrows

  • Villagers are willing to sell between eight and 12 arrows for every emerald. Alternatively, you could pick up leftover arrows from a defeated Skeleton that was firing a bow at you, which only costs risking your life.

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