How to Run "Friday Night Magic" at Home


Official Friday Night Magic events are traditionally held in gaming stores, but the rules have been revised and they can now be hosted in community facilities, such as libraries and community centers, that can hold a large number of people. This does not mean that you can't start a game group in your own home. Just remember, that unless you take your group to a community establishment where it can be accessed by the general public, you will not be able to host any official events.

Things You'll Need

  • A large area that can hold a number of tables and chairs
  • Fliers or some other way to advertise
  • Snacks and drinks

How To Run an Unoffical Friday Night Magic Event at Home

  • Ask yourself whether you want your Friday Night Magic to be officially sanctioned. If you want your event to be officially sanctioned, you will need to host the event in a public facility that is accessible to everyone, preferably a gaming store that can qualify for a Wizards Play Network level. You will need to find a Magic the Gathering judge who can attend the event, and you must follow the guidelines set out by Wizards of the Coast (Resources). However, if you just want to host a friendly get-together to play just for fun, keep reading.

  • Decide whether you want to just get your friends together or whether you want to open game night to anyone who wants to play. Keep in mind that opening it to anyone who wants to play means letting potential strangers into your home.

  • Find an area in your house that can hold the number of people you are going to have attending. Hosting a gaming night is like hosting any other party. Consider the number of people that you can easily accommodate, and be sure to provide enough snacks and drinks for everyone.

  • Make sure you have enough tables and chairs for everyone. No one is going to want to have to take turns playing at the kitchen table or resort to playing on the floor.

  • Invite your Magic the Gathering playing friends. If you are going to open the event to all gamers in your area, you will need to advertise the event. You can advertise via fliers or any other creative way you can think of. You just need to make sure people understand that your event is not an officially sanctioned Friday Night Magic event. Some gamers might not want to give up an official event, where they can improve their tournament rankings and win prizes, just for a friendly get-together.


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