How to Make a Cake in Minecraft


"Minecraft" is a sandbox game in which players gather resources, build intricate structures and fight against a legion of monsters. When a player loses health in "Minecraft," she can regain it only by eating food. Cake is one such food, and it is the only food that you place on the ground rather than eat directly. While a cake requires a lot of materials and time to create, there's nothing more celebratory in the game world than a sweet baked treat.

Things You'll Need

  • Three buckets of milk
  • Three wheat
  • Two sugar
  • One egg


  • Smelt iron ore in a furnace to create iron ingots. You need three iron ingots to create an iron bucket, and you need three iron buckets, so you'll need nine iron ore total.

  • Right-click your crafting table to access the 3-by-3 crafting grid. Place three iron ingots in the left-middle square, three in the right-middle square and three in the bottom-middle square. The iron bucket will appear in the result square. Move the three iron buckets onto your action bar.

  • Find a cow and stand one block beneath it. With the bucket equipped, right-click the cow to fill the bucket with milk. Fill all three buckets.


  • Till grass land with a hoe to find wheat seeds.

  • Plant the wheat seeds on tilled land. Surround your wheat with a fence to prevent it from becoming trampled by either yourself or a monster.

  • Wait until the wheat is fully grown, then break it down with any tool. Gather the wheat and any resulting seeds. You need three wheat to make your cake.

Sugar and Egg

  • Find a chicken and follow it around until it lays an egg. Chickens can be found wherever cows are found. You need only one egg for the cake.

  • Gather two blocks of sugar cane. Sugar cane looks like bamboo and grows near water up to three blocks high.

  • Right-click your crafting table to access its 3-by-3 grid. Place the sugar cane on any one square of the grid to turn it into sugar. Move the sugar from the result square into your inventory.

The Cake

  • Right-click your crafting table.

  • Place the three buckets of milk along the top row of the 3-by-3 grid. Place the egg in the middle square and the two sugars to the left and right. Fill the bottom row with the three pieces of wheat. The result is your cake and three empty buckets. Move them all into your inventory.

  • Place the cake onto your action bar and select it. Aim anywhere on the ground to place the cake. A cake will heal a player one-and-a-half hearts and can be used six times. Each time a slice of cake is eaten, the cake shrinks.

Tips & Warnings

  • After placing the cake, you cannot retrieve it. Breaking it down will destroy the cake.

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