How to Make Taglines

Taglines don't have to be difficult with a few pertinent questions and some creative thinking
Taglines don't have to be difficult with a few pertinent questions and some creative thinking (Image: Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Taglines are one of many important ways in which customers get to know and remember you. According to Jay Ehret at The Marketing Spot, taglines cut through the clutter of product choice by communicating your message in a memorable way and by providing consumers with an indicator of their future experience. Many business owners, however, struggle to come up with a good tagline. Taglines don’t have to be as difficult as they appear. With some planning and creativity you can develop a tagline that helps your customers identify with you and your products.

Ask yourself a few pertinent questions about your business. First, list what products or services you provide. Next, ask yourself how your company provides these services. Finally, make a list of who your company provides these services or products to.

Consider the connection between your products and services, how you provide them and who you provide them to. It is these links that will provide you with the information you need to determine the tagline that will appeal most to your customers.

Ask yourself the question “So what?” James Chartrand of says that by asking this question business owners will end up with benefits to visitors that are important. Adding benefits to a tagline provides potential customers with information on why they should buy from you.

Brainstorm for memorable ideas related to your products or services. This is where you let your creativity take over and leave rational thought behind. Spend some time on this step; memorable taglines are far more successful than generic concepts.

Consider the information you have generated so far to come up with several tagline options. Avoid generic ideas like “great value” or “leader of.” These concepts may seem descriptive but they don’t generate an emotional connection that will hook customers and create interest in your products or services.

Count the number of words included in your tagline options. Any tagline that has more than seven words should be shortened. Taglines ranging from one to seven words are more challenging to write but will be easier for consumers to comprehend and remember.

Find several individuals both within and outside your business to review proposed taglines. Getting feedback from potential customers is the most useful as these are the individuals your company is trying to appeal to. Online surveys are a great way to get important feedback quickly.

Create several variations of the top one or two tagline choices. Use these variations as sales and marketing tools, or elevator speeches. Make these variations a bit longer but keep them crisp and clear.

Use your completed business identity on business cards, Web sites, letterhead, marketing materials and anywhere you speak about your businesses products or services.

Tips & Warnings

  • Strain your brain. Brainstorming sessions can help you come up with ideas you may have never considered with more traditional pencil and paper exercises.
  • Keep it short. Long tag lines can be cumbersome and too much to easily digest.
  • Do your research. Reviewing tag lines of competitors and related companies is a good way to get the creative juices flowing.

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