How to Use Niacin to Clean THC Out of Your System


Super high doses of niacin have been used for 15 years as a means of cleansing the bloodstream of THC. THC is stored in adipose tissue, making a cleanse ineffective for more than four to six hours. High doses of niacin also reliably produce unpleasant side effects ranging from skin flushing to nausea and vomiting. Flush-free niacin, while free of the unpleasant effects of standard niacin, is ineffective as a THC cleanse. Despite it long history of safety and efficacy, niacin has become controversial due to its use in excess. Although doses greater than 500 milligrams are no more effective, they produce more severe side effects. Niacin only aids the body in clearing THC through the urinary tract; it is critically important that it be combined with adequate amounts of water.

Things You'll Need

  • 500mg Niacin
  • Four liters of water
  • Prevent THC from entering your body from all possible vectors. Niacin cannot aid in the removal of THC from the body if it has not been removed from the environment.

  • Four to six hours before your desired cleanse, take 500mg of niacin orally. Anticipate unpleasant side effects, particularly skin flushing.

  • Drink 4 liters of water over a period of four to six hours. This is an essential part of the THC cleansing process.

  • Eat a light meal. This will prevent your body from burning fat for blood sugar, releasing more THC into your bloodstream

  • Urinate at least two or three times before your final elimination. It is acceptable for the first urine of the day to be colored, but all subsequent urine should be clear.

Tips & Warnings

  • It is important that daily consumption of niacin not exceed 2,000mg, as this can cause serious liver injury. People with liver damage should not use niacin to cleanse their body of THC. Do not drink more than a gallon and a half of water in the four-hour period preceding the test; this can dangerously deplete the body's electrolyte levels.

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