How to Remove the Recent History From the Desktop in Windows 7

Temporary Internet files contain the recent and older Web pages to which you navigate when you browse the Internet. Windows 7 has a "Disk Cleanup" utility to delete these files from your system. Disk Cleanup also lets you delete unused, old files for other activities such as backups, cookie files and the Recycle Bin. This tool is beneficial when you want to free up hard drive space on your computer.


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      Click the Windows "Start" button and select "Computer." Right-click the "C" drive in the list of drives and select "Properties" from the popup menu. This opens a new window. Click "Disk Cleanup" to open the utility.

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      Check the box next to "Temporary Internet files." Scroll down the list and check off any other files you want to delete. The files listed are safe to remove, but make sure you only delete backup files you no longer need.

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      Click "View Files" to see a preview of the files you are about to delete. Verify you no longer need the files and click "OK." Windows scans the system and deletes the selected files, including your history.

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