How Do You Ask Someone to a Date in "The Sims 3?"


You accomplish dating in "The Sims 3" through social interactions. When two Sims meet in the game, they have no relationship, either good or bad. The more they talk to each other or play together, the more their relationship grows. If the relationship grows in a positive direction, they will become friends, then best friends, and possibly romantically involved. When Sims become friends, they can do activities together, such as eating out at a restaurant or visiting a dance club. These activities constitute dating in "The Sims 3."

Select a Sim To Date

  • Start "The Sims 3" application and click your saved game to launch it.

  • Click on the icon for the Sim you want to play if your Sim family has more than one member.

  • Click the "Map" button on the game control panel at the lower left to see all the locations in your Sim neighborhood.

  • Click on a location on the map where many Sims like to congregate, such as the public park or community swimming pool in Sunset Valley.

  • Choose the "Visit" command to send your Sim to that location.

  • Look for a Sim at the location that seems like a good choice for dating and click on that Sim to bring up the social interactions available. If the Sim is a stranger, the interactions will consist of getting to know the other Sim and asking if the Sim is single. More options become available as the relationship grows.

Interact with the Sim to Build Positive Vibes

  • Choose a social interaction under the "Friendly" or "Romantic" categories to begin building a relationship with a Sim. When one interaction ends, click the Sim again and choose another. Continue to issue interaction commands to grow the friendship.

  • Watch the relationship panel in the upper-left corner of the screen. If the relationship is progressing in a good way, a colored meter will show green and move toward the right. The panel will state in text under the meter what the other Sim thinks of your Sim.

  • Watch the other Sim's reactions and thought bubbles. A bored Sim will yawn and look around like she'd rather be someplace else. Thought bubbles give clues to what the Sim likes to talk about, such as art or gardening.

  • Watch for relationship-change indicators above the Sims' heads. "Plus" signs will appear when an interaction moves the relationship in a positive direction. Smiley faces indicate you've made it to the "friend" stage. Double smiley faces indicate "Best friends."

  • Read the game notices in the upper-right corner of the screen. When your Sim learns something new about the Sim she's talking to, such as a trait or partner status, a message will appear there.

  • Use what your Sim learns about the other Sim to build the relationship faster. If the other Sim loves cooking, for example, and your Sim does too, use the "Discuss Fine Cuisine" social interaction command to capitalize on their common interests.

  • Click the map icon after your Sim has spent several minutes interacting in a positive way with the other Sim.

  • Click a restaurant on the map and choose "Dine with Others" or "Get Drinks With Others." If you've reached "friend" stage or beyond with the new Sim, the Sim's name will appear in a list of companions to select. Click the Sim's name and you've just made a date.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the Sim you're talking to seems bored by anything your Sim has to say, choose another to date. Your Sim and this Sim probably have little in common and it will take a long time to get the relationship to where it needs to be for dating.
  • If during the interactions your Sim learns that the other Sim is in a relationship already, don't despair. The other Sim will still go on a date if you become friends through the social interactions. You can even ask the other Sim to break up with his significant other if the relationship increases to the romantic level.
  • Any activity two Sims share that increases their relationship in a positive way and leads to romantic interest is considered dating. They can spend time together at home, on the beach or visiting the local museum and develop stronger feelings for one another.
  • "The Sims 3" allows same-sex romantic relationships.
  • Avoid using the same social interaction consecutively. This causes the other Sim to become bored, and you risk the relationship meter sliding backwards.
  • If you want your Sim to socialize with other Sims at dance clubs or bars, you need to install the "Late Night" expansion pack to your "Sims 3" game. Only two restaurants come with the base game.

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