How to Increase an Adwords Quality Score

The quality scores of your AdWords account have significant implications for the success of your advertising campaigns. They affect the placement of your ads and the cost per click you pay to advertise to customers. Google uses the quality score as a filter to ensure the ads they deliver on searches are relevant. The quality scores can seem confusing at first, but learning how to increase them can be a boon to your bottom line; without any additional costs, it can improve your profitability and allow you to better compete with companies that have larger advertising budgets.

Things You'll Need

  • Keyword list
  • AdWords account


  1. Improving an Adwords Score

    • 1

      Brainstorm a list of words that relate to your product or website. Separate the keywords into groups that are conceptually similar. Add phrases before and after each keyword that could be used to complete a search query.

    • 2

      Create a different landing page for each group of keywords. Create phrases in the landing page headline that directly relate to the keywords associated with the page.

    • 3

      Put each group of keywords and its associated landing page into a separate ad group. Separate ad groups for the search network and ad groups for the content network into different campaigns.

    • 4

      Create at least two ads for each ad group. Make each ad concise, with a clear call to action.

    • 5

      Compare ads in an ad group every two weeks. Replace the ad that has a lower click through rate with a new one.

Tips & Warnings

  • - If an ad group has a low click through rate, consider splitting it into two different ad groups with keywords and landing pages that are more specific.
  • - Use different ads for the search and content network. Readers are in different frames of mind when searching for something instead of reading something.
  • - Do not group ads for mobile devices with ads for other networks.
  • - This strategy may be ineffective if your maximum bid is too low.
  • - This strategy may be time intensive if you have to create many landing pages.
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