How to Install a Foam Mattress Pad


Although you can purchase an entire mattress made from memory foam, foam mattress pads offer similar quality without the expense of installing a complete foam mattress system for your bed. Foam mattress pads tend to be 2 to 3 inches thick and will last four or five years before needing replacement. When installing a new foam mattress pad, give the pad plenty of time to acclimate to your home before using it on your bed.

  • Remove the mattress pad from the plastic packaging and allow it to decompress. Don't use sharp instruments to open the packaging, and don't pull or tug on the mattress pad or you might ruin the foam. Let the pad unroll naturally.

  • Allow the mattress to acclimate to the temperature of your home for a few hours. Memory foam must have a chance to warm up properly or it may break off into pieces.

  • Place the mattress pad directly on top of your regular mattress, with the sticky or tacky side of the mattress down.

  • Cover the bed with your normal fitted sheet, followed by the traditional flat sheet and blankets or comforter. Although you can place a cover over the mattress pad, it might make the pad shift around the bed.

Tips & Warnings

  • New memory foam sheets tend to have a foul odor. While the odor itself is not toxic, it might bother you. Keep the odor at bay by washing your sheets after the first few nights on the new mattress pad. You can also place a small bowl of vinegar in the room to help limit the scent.
  • Spot-wash the pad with mild soap and water and wring out excess water. Don't place the foam pad inside a washer or dryer.

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