How to Restart GoDaddy Hosting in WordPress

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GoDaddy can automatically set up various scripts and applications for you via the GoDaddy Account Manager. If you want to restart a service such as WordPress, however, then you must remove it manually and set it up again. This might be necessary if you want to get rid of your old site and begin a whole new site, or alternatively if your old site has become completely cluttered and you want to remove all of the content.

  • Sign in to your GoDaddy Account Manager (see Resources).

  • Click "Web Hosting," and then click your account.

  • Click the "File Manager." Select the WordPress folder, and click "Delete."

  • Click the "Hosting Control Center" link to return to the main Control Center page.

  • Click "Install Apps," then "WordPress." Click "Install Now" and then continue with the wizard to create the new WordPress site, and thus resetting it.


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