How to Catch a Fish in "Twilight Princess"


Nintendo started producing "Legend of Zelda" games when the original Nintendo Entertainment System hit the market. The series boasts at least 16 titles, including "Ocarina of Time" and "Majora's Mask" for the Nintendo 64 and "Twilight Princess" for the GameCube and Wii. "Twilight Princess" provides opportunities for players to complete mini-games within the story, including the chance to fish for prizes or simply for fun.


  • Equip the fishing rod from your inventory. Place it on the "B" trigger on the bottom of the Wii remote.

  • Bait your fishing rod by selecting bait from your inventory and placing it on the Wii remote's control pad. Press the control pad direction that contains the bait to attach it to the rod.

  • Press "B" to cast your line into the water. Aim for an area where you see fish swimming around. Wait for them to start biting. The bobber will sink into the water when they are.

  • Jerk the Wii remote upright to snag a fish. Keep it upright until you've reeled in the fish.


  • Climb into a boat at Hena's Fishing Hole. Steer the boat with the control stick on your Wii remote. Choose a location where you see fish swimming beneath the water.

  • Aim with the control stick and press "B" to engage your fishing rod. Hold "A" down as you raise the Wii remote. Release "A" as you flick the Wii remote back down to cast your line.

  • Lure fish to your hook by dragging your line back and forth. Move the Wii remote from side to side to move your lure.

  • Snap the remote upright to snag a fish when it bites. Watch for the words "set hook" to appear at the bottom of your screen. These will tell you when you have a bite.

  • Reel the fish in by keeping the Wii remote pointed upward. Point the nunchuk toward the remote and move your left hand in a circular motion, as if you were using an actual fishing rod. Push "A" and "B" simultaneously to finish bringing in the fish. The fish will be close to the boat, and a prompt will appear on the screen when it's time to finish the catch.

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