How to Use the Grappling Hook in "Just Cause 2"


Not long before Rico gets tangled with the infamous Reaper leader Bolo Santosi in "Just Cause 2," he gets the grappling hook; this tool can be both a frustrating gadget and a very helpful trick to maneuvering around Panau. When Rico gets stranded somewhere without a vehicle, using the grappling hook in the environment with the parachute can help him travel great distances in a short amount of time to get back to the action.

Obtaining the Grappling Hook

  • Known more concisely as the grappling hook, the Protec Grappler G3 is one of the most interesting tools Rico gets in "Just Cause 2." He starts the game equipped with the grappling hook, but he won't be able to deploy it right away; you'll have to progress through the initial starting tutorial so the game can teach you how. Once you complete the tutorial, Rico can deploy the grappling hook as quickly as you can press that button.

Attacking Enemies

  • As fun as playing an acrobat might be, Rico does have a reason for being on Panau; his journey is a dangerous one as he faces several communist guards striving to end his chaotic spree. If you run out of ammunition or just want to have a little fun, try using the grappling gun; Rico rapidly zips to the enemy and kicks him aside. He can also pull down elevated enemies to stop them raining bullets down upon him.

Hijacking Vehicles

  • If you point the grapple gun at an oncoming vehicle, Rico zips onto it and begins to surf, waiting for your prompt to hijack the car if desired. While this can interrupt the fun of climbing with Rico's parachute, this is another good way to travel across distances. Grappling between vehicles lets you travel faster without actually breaking any laws, although you won't have much say in the direction the car goes.

Turning the World into a Playground

  • Leaping off from a high building and deploying the parachute opens up a new travel possibility for Rico; you canaim the grapple gun toward an object and jump shortly before hitting it, launching Rico higher into the air with his parachute. Consistently doing this with nearby trees or buildings lets Rico begin climbing higher and higher than he could have reached on his own. Not only can he rapidly escape otherwise fatal danger with this maneuver, but it's required for the "Parachute Climber" achievement.

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