How to Troubleshoot a Segway


The Segway is a small vehicle that has two wheels and runs on electricity. Its balancing enabler keeps the Segway upright. When you lean in any direction by shifting your weight, the Segway reacts. If you lean forward, the Segway will move in that direction. The Segway company calls this movement "the glide." If the Segway is not reacting properly, you can troubleshoot the vehicle before taking it to a professional service technician.

Things You'll Need

  • Hex wrench
  • Press the key into the key slot slowly so that the key makes contact with all the key contacts.

  • Hold the key against the three contacts until you hear a beep and the display on your Segway turns orange. Try different key positions if the Segway does not start.

  • Inspect the display for any display icon warnings. Reinsert the key if you have a full red icon with a frowning face. This icon indicates the key is not inserted properly. A red bar at the bottom of the display, alone, indicates there is no power. Plug the Segway in to charge it. Two bars at the top, one to the left, indicates the steering grip is turned to the left, which prevents startup. A bar to the right indicates the grip is turned to the right. Realign the steering grip.

  • Remove the control shaft by first unplugging the unit. Loosen the height adjustment collar by turning it, then collapse the handle. Tighten the height adjustment bar. Loosen the control shaft clamp bolt with a 5 mm hex wrench and lift up the handles to expose the shaft cords. Unplug them by squeezing the wires, then plug them back in. Reassemble the handles.

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