Directions on Setting Up a Brinkmann Smoker


If you love outdoor grilling but would like to kick it up a notch, an outdoor smoker might be just the thing you need. Brinkmann has been a prominent name in outdoor grills for years. Brinkmann also produces a line of low-maintenance and easy-to-use outdoor smokers. Brinkmann outdoor smokers do require assembly; however, all the mounting and assembly hardware comes with these smokers. In a matter of an hour or two, you can be on your way to preparing mouth-watering smoked meats.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Crescent wrench
  • Lay the body of your Brinkmann smoker on its side so you can easily access the bottom. Locate the three sets of mounting holes on the bottom of the smoker. Place one leg on the inside bottom of the smoker and align the mounting holes on the smoker body with the mounting holes on the leg. Slip the two 10-24 by 3/8-inch screws through the leg and smoker body holes, and attach the square nuts from the back. Tighten the nuts with the crescent wrench. Use these instructions to attach the three remaining smoker legs.

  • Locate the inside smoker near the upppermost edge of the smoker. Hold an upper support bracket to the inside smoker. Align the holes on the support bracket with the holes on the smoker, then slip the screws through and attach square nuts. Tighten the square nut with your wrench. The notched side of the support brackets should be facing upwards. Use these instructions to install the lower support brackets, too.

  • Place the wood handle covers on the outside of the metal handles. Slip screws through the holes and place square nuts on the ends of screws. Use a wrench to tighten the square nuts. Once the handle covers are in place, hold the handles up to the outside of the smoker and align the handle holes with the mounting holes on the sides of the smoker. Slip screws through the holes, then apply square nuts on the ends of screws from the inside of the smoker. Tighten the square nuts with your wrench.

  • Place the door hinge up to the middle of the smoker body. Slide the 6-32 by 4-inch screws through the hole on the hinge and the holes on the side of the smoker door covering. Fasten the hinge to the smoker with square nuts. Tighten nuts with a wrench.

  • Attach the smoker door to the hinges. Insert screws through the door and hinges, then apply nuts to the ends of screws. Tighten nuts with a wrench to secure the smoker door to the smoker.

  • Lower the charcoal pan into the bottom of the smoker and allow it to rest at the bottom, supported by the smoker's legs.

  • Set the smoker's water pan on top of the hinged notches on the support brackets. Place one of the two cooking grills on top of the smoker's water pan. Set the second cooking grill on top of the upper support brackets.

  • Place the handle on the smoker lid and install the mounting screws by screwing them into square nuts.

  • Slip the heat indicator into the two slots on the front of the smoker's lid. Twist the heat indicator dial to the right so that the word "Ideal" rests at the twelve o'clock position.

  • Remove the water pan from the smoker and lightly coat it with vegetable oil. Oil will help facilitate the curing process. Set the water pan aside and then remove the grills and lid.

  • Pull the smoker's door open and add charcoal to the charcoal pan. Add charcoal fluid, following the instructions on your bottle of fluid. Light the charcoal and wait about 10 minutes for the lighter fluid to burn off.

  • Set the water pan on the lower support brackets and then pour warm water into it. The water level should reach 1-inch below the surface of the pan. Put the lower grill in the smoker and place your meat on it. Put the upper grill in the smoker and place meat on it. Close the lid and allow three hours for the meat to smoke.

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