How to Check the Traffic on My Internet Site

Checking traffic on your Internet site is important for website analysis, especially if you're trying to drive more visitors to a page. When you sign up for web hosting, the hosting provider gives you a control panel to manage your website's tools, some of which are statistics. You'll need to set up your statistics program for your domain before you can check your traffic. It takes time to generate the current report, so the analysis might not be available immediately after setup.


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      Type your control panel's address into your web browser's address bar, such as "," then press "Enter." You are directed to the login page. Type in the username and password for your account.

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      Go to the "Logs" section of your control panel and click "Choose Log Programs" to set up the statistics program you want to use.

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      Check the program you want to use -- "Analog," "Awstats" and/or "Webalizer" -- and click "Save."

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      Click "Awstats," "Analog Stats," "Webalizer" or the log program you selected in the previous step to track your traffic (under "Logs").

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      Click the "View" button to load the report. The number of visitors to your website is displayed. Scroll to the data you want to review.

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