How to Tie Double Knots


When you tie things into knots such as fishing line, rope, ribbons and even shoelaces there are differing techniques to use. Regardless of the technique you use to tie a knot, when you want to assure that it doesn't slip apart you can double knot it. Knowing how to make a double knot isn't necessarily about technique, but it's about security. When you know how, you can secure your fishing hooks to the lines they are on and assure that your shoelaces don't come untied among many other uses.

Things You'll Need

  • Shoes
  • Fishing reel
  • Fishhook


  • Grasp each shoelace in either hand and pull taught to adjust the tightness of your shoe.

  • Cross your left shoelace over the right. Tuck the left beneath the right and then pull the two.

  • Loop the shoelace end in your left hand, tucking the bottom end of it near the base of it on the shoe. Repeat this step with the shoelace in your right hand.

  • Cross the two looped ends together and then tuck the left loop beneath the right loop. Pull the two loops to create a knot. This is the basic technique of completely tying your shoes.

  • Grasp each loop in one hand. Cross the left beneath the right loop and pull it under a second time. Pull the loops tight again, to create a double knot.

Fisherman's Knot

  • Pull the free end of the fishing line through the eye of the fishhook. Pull an excess of 10 inches of line through the hook.

  • Wind the excess length of fishing line around the line coming from the reel, five times. This creates a spiral of line around the line coming from the eye of the fishhook.

  • Grasp the end of the line, after winding it, and insert it beneath the first loop, nearest the eye of the fishhook.

  • Grasp the fishhook in one hand and the line coming from the reel in the other. Pull to tighten the knot. This is the basic technique for a fisherman's knot.

  • Grasp the end of the line protruding from the knot a second time. Loop it beneath the looped part of wrapped fishing line, closest to the eye of the hook. Pull taught again, to create a double knot on the fisherman's knot.

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