How to Replace a MGB Engine Mount


MG made the MGB, a roadster known for its pep and smooth handling. The MGB's engine runs at higher RPM's than a larger engine needs to in order to propel the MGB. As such, it generates more harshness and vibration than a larger engine. The MGB uses engine mounts to anchor the engine block to the frame, and to counteract some of the vibration transference that occurs from the engine to the chassis. If an engine mount fails, it is necessary to replace it immediately, as a broken engine mount quickly leads to other, more expensive problems.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 wheel chocks
  • Floor jack
  • 2 jack stands
  • Socket set
  • Brace the MGB's left-rear tire with two wheel chocks. Lift the front of the MGB with the floor jack.

  • Place a jack stand under each side of the frame in front and then lower the MGB onto these stands with the floor jack.

  • Remove the retaining nuts from the bottom of the engine mount using a socket set, where it bolts to the frame. Lift the engine with the floor jack until the engine mount studs that you removed the retaining nuts from, clear their frame mounting holes where the mount sits on the frame.

  • Unbolt the engine mount from the engine block using the socket set. Pull the old mount out of the way and insert the new mount in its place by hand.

  • Bolt the new mount to the engine using the socket set. Lower the engine down onto the frame using the floor jack, making sure the engine mount studs slide through the frame mounting holes clearly.

  • Bolt the nuts onto the new engine mount with the socket set. Lift the MGB off the jack stands with the floor jack. Remove the stands from under the car by hand and then lower the MGB to the ground with the floor jack. Move the wheel chocks away from MGB's wheel by hand before driving.

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