The Process for How to Launch a Brand


Companies today are more than just the products and services they sell. Consumers care as much about what a company stands for as what it does. That is why branding and having a solid brand strategy are so important. You can launch a brand in a number of ways, and the goal of any launch is to make a favorable impact on a target audience. From traditional channels like print and television advertising to new technology channels, such as social media and video, the more creativity you use in your brand launch strategy, the more likely you are to achieve results.

  • Define your brand. Before you launch your brand, you need to define what the brand is. Think of your company like a person or character. Describe the company. Decide if your company is elegant, cutting-edge or traditional and who the company's target market is. If your target customer base is mothers with small children, your brand will look entirely different than if you are targeting college students. Think about how you want to engage with your customers. Having a solid brand identity is essential to launching a brand.

  • Consider how to best reach your target market and create a launch strategy based on the appropriate marketing channels. You'll want to create a marketing mix where you use multiple channels to attract and retain new customers based on your marketing budget. If you have a small budget, you'll want to focus on new channels such as social media and video marketing, which are more affordable than traditional media outlets. If you have a substantial budget, you can opt for television and radio advertising as well as traditional print media.

  • Use events to launch your brand. For example, if you are launching a new beverage, you may want to collaborate with a restaurant opening or food-related event where you allow customers to sample and get to know your product. If you are an apparel brand, you may launch your brand at a retail store that carries clothing similar to yours. Finding opportunities to display your brand and make people aware of your company is essential to building brand awareness.

  • Keep working. Launching a brand is not a one-day activity. Successful brands work tirelessly to capture and maintain the public's attention. When launching your brand, you need to spend time each day doing something to promote your company. Whether it's engaging with customers on social media sites, sending out press releases or offering promotions and incentives, the best brands have one thing in common: they remain actively engaged with their customers.

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