Do-It-Yourself Spider Extermination


Spiders can be beneficial garden inhabitants, eating other pest insects such as mosquitoes and several types of bugs that may cause damage to plants or gardens. However, having spiders invade your home is another matter. Spider bites can be extremely painful, and a few spiders are poisonous, posing a threat to the people and pets in the home. Homeowners can take several steps to exterminate any spiders living in the house.

Things You'll Need

  • Spider-specific pesticides
  • Walk the outside perimeter of your house, looking for anywhere that spiders may be gathering. Spiders like dark, enclosed spaces, especially when the weather is colder. These places can include rock or brush piles or stacks of wood, bricks, or other materials. Having these spider-friendly places near your home may encourage spiders living there to make the trip into the warmer climate of your house. Remove any of these hiding places that are near your house.

  • Remove excess boxes or piles of things from infrequently used areas in your home, such as your basement or attic. Again, spiders enjoy close spaces in which to live, and eliminating as many of these as possible makes your home less inviting to the spiders.

  • Seal your house, getting rid of as many openings through which spiders could enter the house as possible. Seal any cracks or small holes in the house, foundation, or eaves. Fix any loose windows or torn screens.

  • Wash away any spider webs that you find on the outside of your house.

  • Keep outdoor lights on for a shorter period at night, or switch to yellow bulbs. Less lighting helps to reduce insects the spiders consider prey, which means there will be fewer spiders around your yard and home.

  • Take measures to remove any insects, such as moths, that spiders may consider prey, from inside your house. Usually, other insects in the home can be controlled using the same methods for controlling spiders. Eliminating the spiders' food sources will make your home less appealing to spiders.

  • Clean the house thoroughly, dusting or vacuuming in any spots or corners where spiders might like to hide. As you do this, clean away any spiders or spider webs that you find. The easiest way to do this is to vacuum up the spiders and their webs, but you can use paper towels or a duster. If you'd rather relocate the spiders, as opposed to killing them, you can trap them by putting a glass over them. Slide a thick piece of paper under the glass, trapping the spider in the glass as you lift it up. Release the spider somewhere far from your home.

  • Use indoor pesticides that are designed to work specifically for spiders. You can also wipe windows and door edges with a dusting spray, which spiders have an aversion to. Sticky insect traps can also be used to clear away any remaining spiders.

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