How to Make a Bike Power a Blender

In today's fitness and eco-conscious world, what could be greener than utilizing the energy expended pedalling your bike to power your blender for a post-workout smoothie. There are specially designed sets of blenders with bike racks that exactly suit this purpose. Utilizing your bike and stationary trainer stand, the bike blender is powered by the base of the blender assembly making contact with the bike's spinning rear wheel. It's portable and no electricity required. Just drop your favorite ingredients into the blender, hop on your bike and pedal your way to smoothie heaven.

Things You'll Need

  • Bike
  • Stationary trainer stand
  • Bike blender with rack
  • Various tools


    • 1

      Elevate the rear bike wheel by securing it in a stationary trainer stand.

    • 2

      Install the blender rack over the rear wheel according to the manufacturer's instructions. The few tools required vary according to the manufacturer. A helper makes things easier.

    • 3

      Secure the bike blender between the rungs of the blender rack so the base of the blade assembly is in contact with the side of the bike's tire.

    • 4

      Hop on the bike and start pedalling. The spinning rear bike wheel will rotate the blades of the blender. The effectiveness of the blender is in direct proportion to the effort expended by the rider. The power couldn't be cleaner. Enjoy your smoothie!

Tips & Warnings

  • With the blender removed, the bike is ready to hit the road, and the handy rack stays on board for toting chores.
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