How to Rewire Power Wheels


Power wheels toys have very simple wiring. This makes them easy to maintain, upgrade and repair. These units usually are composed of an electric motor, drive switch, safety switch, battery and the electrical wiring. When making changes or modifications, make sure that the parts you use can handle at least the same amount of power as the previous component. This will help avoid burnouts and other types of component failures. Also, make sure to keep all safety features operational.

Things You'll Need

  • Electrical wire
  • Electric motor
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire strippers
  • Safety switch
  • Drive switch
  • Battery
  • Connect the negative terminal of the motor to one of the two terminals of the safety switch. This switch usually prevents the vehicle from moving unless the child is sitting down in the Power Wheel's seat.

  • Connect the second terminal of the safety switch to the the first terminal of the drive switch. The drive switch is considered the gas pedal for these types of toys. Then connect the second terminal of the drive switch to the negative terminal of the battery. The wire used for each connection should be sized to handle the maximum current allowed by the motor. Use black 12-gauge wire for each of these connections.

  • Connect a red 12-gauge wire from the positive terminal of the battery to the positive terminal of the motor. Test the vehicle by pressing the drive switch, or gas pedal. The vehicle should move forward.


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