How Do I Turn Up the Turbo in My Audi?


Turning up the boost pressure on your Audi's turbocharger can be done by installing a device known as a boost controller. This device hooks up to the turbocharger's system and allows you to adjust the amount of air pressure, or boost, that the turbo is putting out. From the factory, the amount of boost that is outputted may be set conservatively low to avoid long-term engine damage and wear. Many turbos are capable of putting out higher levels of boost than what is set at the factory with the aid of a boost controller.

Things You'll Need

  • Metric wrench set
  • Metric socket wrench set
  • Wire stripping tool
  • Electrical tape
  • Determine the location for the boost controller inside your Audi. Many boost controllers come with a dashboard mount that allows you to place the boost controller near factory-installed control panels in your car.

  • Gain access to the turbocharger, which is situated underneath your engine at the head of the exhaust system, by removing the air box and hosing material that's attached to it and the engine's intake manifold. By removing these parts, you can easily manipulate the hoses and connections on the turbo as dictated by your boost controller's wiring instructions.

  • Locate the wastegate valve that is mounted at the top of the turbo assembly. This is a U-shaped device that controls how much air goes into and out of the turbocharger. Disconnect any hoses that attach the valve to the turbocharger.

  • Connect the  actuator of your boost controller to the wastegate frequency valve. The specific connection instructions vary between models of boost controllers and models of Audis that are equipped with turbos.

  • Connect the input hose for the boost controller to the turbo. You can use existing hosing that is attached to the inlet of the turbo to attach the input hose.

  • Run the wiring from the boost controller's actuator through a hole in your Audi's firewall, which the barrier that sits between the engine bay in your Audi and the interior. There are existing wiring holes in the firewall that you can use. Run the wiring to the boost control device that you've mounted on the interior of your car.

  • Reinstall the air box, intake tubing and any other parts that you might have removed to gain access to the turbo on your Audi, then close the hood.

  • Follow the wiring directions outlined in the instruction manual of your specific boost controller to connect the wire coming from the engine bay to the boost control device itself. You may need to strip insulation from the wires using the wire stripping tool. Use electrical tape to secure and insulate any new wire connections.

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