How to Install KC Lights


If you frequently use your truck at nighttime, the stock lighting may not meet your needs. Whether for work or play, many truck owners choose to install aftermarket light kits for nighttime use. KC lights provide extra light with a variety of different models and all with the classic rough-and-tough KC light look. Whatever the purpose for the installation or model of KC light, you can install KC lights on your truck in a few steps.

Things You'll Need

  • White grease pencil
  • Power drill
  • Drill bit set
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Socket set
  • Socket driver
  • Driver bit
  • Select a location for your KC lights on the front bumper of the truck. Place the lights an equal distance from the ends of the bumper and out of the way of the truck's stock headlights.

  • Hold the base of the KC lights against the truck bumper and mark the location of the screw holes against the bumper with a white grease pencil.

  • Drill pilot holes through the white grease pencil marks with a power drill and drill bit.

  • Insert the included nuts through the base of the KC lights and into the truck's bumper and tighten them by hand.

  • Select a location inside the passenger compartment of the truck for the lights' included power switch. Anywhere within reach of the driver's seat can work.

  • Hold the switch against the desired mounting location and mark the location of the switch's two screw holes with a white grease pencil.

  • Drill two pilot holes through the white grease pencil marks in the panel with a power drill and 1/8-inch drill bit.

  • Drill a hole between the two pilot holes in the panel with a power drill and drill bit. The holes should be large enough to accommodate the switch's three electrical wires.

  • Attach the black ground wires coming from the lights to the nuts, securing them to the bumper.

  • Splice each of the red wires coming from the lights to a length of black wire using the included splices.

  • Run a length of wire from the opposite side of one of the splices coming from a light through the engine compartment, through the panel and connect it to the "load" terminal of the switch.

  • Connect the black ground wire from the "ground" terminal of the switch to any bare metal on the truck.

  • Run a length of red wire from the "supply" terminal on the switch to the truck battery.

  • Splice the included in-line fuse carrier on the red wire running from the truck battery to the switch's "supply" terminal.

  • Adjust the tilt of the lights up or down and secure them in that position by tightening the screws at their hinges with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

  • Tighten the nuts at the base of the lights with a socket driver.

  • Secure the switch to the panel with two 1/8-inch screws using a power drill and driver bit.

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