How to Make Nano Colloidal Silver

Silver has antibacterial properties.
Silver has antibacterial properties. (Image: silver collection image by hazel proudlove from

Colloidal silver is a suspension of silver particles in water. Silver is a well-known and generally nontoxic antibacterial, which is why many people are interested in learning how to make their own colloidal silver. Nano colloidal silver is a type of colloidal silver that has extremely small silver particles. It is thought that this small size increases the health benefits of colloidal silver while decreasing the health risks, such as argyria. It should be noted that it is unknown whether nano colloidal silver has different effects than other types of colloidal silver.

Things You'll Need

  • Drinking-quality water (steam distilled water recommended)
  • 2 silver strips, 99.99 percent pure (not sterling)
  • Mason jar or similar
  • Nano colloidal silver generator

Fill the jar with the amount of water recommended by the makers of the generator you are using.

Clean your silver wires with vinegar and a paper towel and wash out the jar. Use distilled water because chlorine can cause the water to turn purple during this process.

Look for two slots or holes in your generator. Push the wires into these; be sure that they make contact with the bottom of the generator.

Turn the generator over and put the two silver prongs into the water. Turn the generator on.

Wait. Different generators take different amounts of time, so find out how long the process should take for your generator. Not letting the generator run long enough results in a weak solution, but letting it run for too long results in a solution that is too strong and may be dangerous to use.

Examine the water once your generator has finished. It should be slightly cloudy or a little yellowish. Brown water is a sign that you have made the solution incorrectly and it should not be used. If there is some particle buildup on the bottom of the jar, this can be filtered by pouring the solution through coffee filters.

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