How to Create a Superstar on Online Wrestling Games


Many online wrestling games have a create-a-wrestler or a create-a-superstar mode, which give you the option to create your own unique wrestling character. You can make yourself, your favorite childhood wrestler or a brand new character of your own creation. You are limited only by your creativity. Customize your wrestler's name, attributes, move set and attire, step into the squared circle and fight for the championship.

  • Sign up for membership to an online wrestling game, such as Online Brutal Wrestling, Virtual Online Wrestling or Most online wrestling games are free, while others may require a membership fee. Membership fees require the use of a credit card for payment. Free online wrestling games require nothing more than a valid email address. Log into the game once your membership is verified.

  • Locate the create-a-wrestler mode. This mode may also be called "create-a-superstar," "make a wrestler," "customize a wrestler" or something to that effect. Click on the appropriate tab.

  • Enter your wrestler's name. Be creative; consider your desired character's potential look, move set and attitude. Pick a name that fits the image of the wrestler you have in your head. Some online wrestling games, such as Online Brutal Wrestling, do not allow members to use the names of real-life wrestlers and only allow unique, original wrestler names. Some ideas include "The Machine," "Captain Carnage," "Deacon Jones," "Fist" and "Slam Sampson."

  • Enter your wrestler's physical measurements, including height, weight, body type and muscle tone.

  • Design your wrestler's attire and pick the color of each item. Choose from various items, including shirts, pants, wrestling tights, shorts, boots, wrist tape, elbow pads, knee pads, headbands, glasses and masks.

  • Assign attributes to your wrestler, which determines the overall wrestling skill of your character. Attributes include speed, strength, technical skill, durability, stamina, submission and hardcore skill.

  • Choose entrance music, if applicable. Pick music that fits the overall look and attitude of your character. Pick dark, heavy music for a heel wrestler (a bad guy) and upbeat, fan friendly music for a face wrestler (a good guy).

  • Create move-set for your wrestler. Pick moves that give your wrestler an advantage--quick, strong moves such as a suplex, back breaker, DDT, clothesline and piledriver. Pick a finishing move for your wrestler; choose a move that fits your wrestler's attributes. If your wrestler is strong, pick a finishing move that utilizes your power, such as a power bomb or a gorilla press slam. If your wrestler is fast, pick a finishing move that utilizes your speed, such as a hurricanrana or a spinning heel kick. If your wrestler has good submission skills, pick a submission move for your finisher, such as cobra clutch or a dragon sleeper.

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