How Do I Configure a Symbol DS6708 Scanner?

Hold the scanner within two to nine inches from the barcode.
Hold the scanner within two to nine inches from the barcode. (Image: cash register - classic image by gary kaPLOW! from

The Symbol DS6708 scanner scans product barcodes to determine the price of the product for a customer at checkout. The scanner is connected to a computer or register and works with various operating programs. Once you receive your scanner, you might have questions about how to control its behavioral qualities, such as sound, scanning type and power consumption. You‘ll want to be sure that one or all of your scanners are working properly before opening your store doors.

Insert the interface cable into the “Cable Interface Port” (located on the bottom of the scanner) until it clicks into place. Pull the cord slightly to confirm that it’s secure. Plug the other end of the cable into the host or computer/register that will be used in tandem with the scanner.

Insert the 123Scan CD-ROM into your host or computer to install the 123Scan program and begin the first step to configuring your DS6708 scanner with a 123Scan-operated host. Scan the “123Scan Configuration” barcode printed in the DS6708 product reference guide in chapter 12 to configure the scanner. The 123Scan interface will then be enabled on the scanner. Further programming can be acquired by printing out more barcodes from the 123Scan utility.

Scan the “Restore Defaults” barcode on page 4-4 in the DS6708 product reference guide to restore all of the scanner settings to the default settings. This is important, if you are incorporating a previously used scanner. If your scanner’s settings are exactly the way you like them, and you would like the current settings to be the default settings, scan the third barcode “Write to Custom Defaults” on page 4-4 to save them as such.

Scan the “Low Frequency” barcode on page 4-6 in the DS6708 product reference guide to set the scanning beep tone to low. Scan the “Medium Frequency (the default)” barcode with your scanner to set the scanning beep tone to medium. Scan the “High Frequency” barcode to set the scanning beep tone to high.

Scan the “Continuous On” barcode on page 4-7 of the DS6708 product reference guide to keep the power going after each decoding scan. Scan the “Reduced Power Mode” barcode to lower the power consumption after each scan. Lowering the power consumption will reduce wear on the battery.

Scan the “Level” barcode on page 4-9 of the DS6708 product reference guide to scan when the trigger is pulled. Scan the “Blink” barcode to activate the scan stand mode. If the scanner is in scan stand mode, it can be placed in its holster and will scan when it senses a barcode in front of it. Scan “Auto Aim” to turn on the motion sensor. The scanner will try to read the moment it senses movement.

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