How to Change a Longboard Wheel

The wheels of the longboard offer increased grip around hairpin turns. Compared to the skateboard, the longboard wheel has a larger design. Longboard wheels generally have a diameter of around 60 mm. According to Made How, the process of making the urethane longboard wheel requires advanced expertise as well as the use of high tech machinery. The metering machines mix polyurethane that has been liquefied through a heating process. After purchasing the wheel, you can complete the building process by adding on the necessary components.

Things You'll Need

  • Skateboard tool
  • Bearings


    • 1

      Place your longboarding wheels horizontally onto a flat worktable. Remove the bearings from the plastic packaging. Align one bearing onto the insertion knob found on the skateboard tool.

    • 2

      Push the bearing into the circular opening found on the side of the longboard wheel. Rotate the longboard wheel and repeat the bearing insertion process on the opposing side. Repeat the procedure until each of your longboarding wheels houses two bearings.

    • 3

      Fasten the head of the tool around the axle bolt of the longboard's truck. Rotate the tool's handle to loosen and remove the bolt. Repeat the process with the three remaining axle bolts.

    • 4

      Insert a wheel onto one side of the truck axle. Repeat the process with the remaining three longboarding wheels. Tighten an axle bolt over each wheel to complete the building process.

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