How to Kill a User TTY With an AIX


Advanced Interactive eXecutive (AIX) was a series of UNIX flavors distributed by IBM for a number of product lines. Like all UNIX systems, multiple users are able to connect either using a TTY interface remotely. When a user session hangs, it will often have to be killed manually by the root user. While hung shells will often take care of themselves, a dozen or more hung users on a popular system can take up a lot of memory.

  • Launch a terminal window on the AIX server's desktop, or log in to the AIX server using Secure Shell (SSH). Type "who" to see a current list of users and how they are logged in. Make a note of the user with their corresponding TTY session.

  • Type "ps -ef | grep terminal," where "terminal" is the user's current shell, whether it is bash, tsch or otherwise. Copy down the corresponding number listed in the PID column.

  • Type "kill -9 1337," where "1337" is the PID number that corresponded with the shell and TTY session the hung user was running.


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