How to Install a Honda Slave Cylinder


A Honda's clutch slave cylinder uses brake fluid to multiply the force applied when you depress the brake pedal. As the pedal is depressed, the brake fluid is forced through the lines from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder. This pressure then pushes a piston out of the slave cylinder and moves the shift fork, which releases the clutch. When a slave cylinder fails, the clutch may not disengage properly, resulting in poor shifts or not being able to shift at all.

Things You'll Need

  • 10-mm wrench
  • Ratchet
  • Extension
  • Socket
  • Replacement slave cylinder
  • Brake fluid
  • Small-diameter hose
  • Cup
  • 8-mm wrench

Replacing the Slave Cylinder

  • Remove the fluid line from the slave cylinder with a 10-mm wrench.

  • Remove the two bolts that secure the slave cylinder to the transmission. Remove the slave cylinder.

  • Install the new slave cylinder and tighten the mounting bolts.

  • Install the fluid line and tighten the flare nut.

  • Fill the clutch fluid reservoir with brake fluid.

Bleeding the System

  • Attach a small-diameter hose to the bleed screw on the slave cylinder. Fill a cup halfway with brake fluid and immerse the end of the hose in the fluid.

  • Open the bleed screw and have someone slowly depress the clutch pedal. Once the pedal reaches the floor, close the bleed screw and allow the clutch pedal to return.

  • Repeat the bleeding process until no more air bubbles are present in the cup. Top off the reservoir.

Tips & Warnings

  • Allow the engine and transmission to cool before working on it.
  • Dispose of used brake fluid properly.
  • Wipe up any spilled brake fluid immediately. Brake fluid destroys paint, plastic and rubber surfaces.

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