How to Make a Bacon & Eggs Costume


Make a one-of-a-kind bacon and eggs costume. People often search for unique costume ideas, as well as those that are easy to make and works well for adult or child use. A bacon and eggs costume fit this criteria, as they are not challenging to make and are as creative and different as you desire.

Things You'll Need

  • White vinyl table covering
  • Yellow fabric
  • Red fabric
  • Off-white fabric
  • 1 inch wide elastic
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black marker
  • White marker
  • Needle (optional)
  • Thread (optional)
  • Safety pins (optional)
  • Alternative Option:
  • White chef apron

Making a Bacon and Eggs Costume

  • Place two pieces of white vinyl together, with the outside surfaces facing outward. Cut a 1 yard circle from the two layers of white vinyl to form a front and back of the egg costume. For an adult costume, make the circles large enough for the adult to fit into; if costume is for a child, measure the circles to be smaller. Trim the edges of the circles in a scalloped pattern so they look like a fried egg rather than a perfect circle.

  • Make shoulder and side straps for the costume. Glue or stitch a 6 inch length of elastic onto an edge of the front and then the back of the white egg circle to form each shoulder piece. Make the shoulder straps 1 foot apart, having room for the head to slip through the costume between the shoulders. Mark a spot about 1 foot down from each shoulder piece. Attach a piece of elastic to the front and the back of the egg pieces at the marked spot to hold the costume together at the sides. Slip the egg over the wearer's head, then put arms through the costume between the shoulder and side elastic pieces. If this costume is being worn by a child, adjust the shoulder and side elastic pieces to conform to a child's size.

  • Cut two circles from yellow fabric for egg yolks. Glue or stitch one yolk onto the center of the front and one onto the back of the costume. To make the egg look three-dimensional, stuff a few scraps of fabric inside the yolk piece before gluing or stitching. Draw black spots on the egg and yolk to look like pepper. Draw white spots on the yolk for salt.

  • Mark and cut a 3-by-18 inch piece of red fabric. Cut a strip of off-white fabric about 1-by-18 inches. Glue the off-white strip onto the center of the wider red strip to look like a piece of bacon. Create more pieces of bacon, if desired. Glue or stitch the bacon onto the egg front and back in one or more places.

Quick and Easy Alternative for Bacon and Egg Costume

  • Cut a circle from yellow fabric. Use glue or safety pins to fasten the "egg yolk" circle onto the front and center of a white apron.

  • In Section 1 (above), use Step 4's instructions to create strips of bacon. Glue or pin the bacon strips onto the apron where desired.

  • Make dots on the egg with a black marker to resemble pepper. Add white marker dots on the egg yolk for salt.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make two egg costumes and connect them together at one edge with safety pins if you wish to have a costume for two people to wear.
  • Using the instructions above, adapt either of the egg costumes above for a breakfast food costume pair. Have a second person wear a tan sweatshirt with a yellow felt "pat of butter" for toast, or a brown or red sweatshirt with white felt strips to look like bacon.

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