How to Double Diaper With Pins

If you're trying hard to go green, but the thought of cloth diapers makes you cringe, don't dismay. With all of the diapering products on the market today and the infinite amount of support to be found online, using cloth diapers is easier --- and trendier --- than ever before. Using a diaper doubler and locking pins makes cloth diapers safer and more effective as well.

Things You'll Need

  • Prefolded cloth diapers
  • Dreft or other hypoallergenic laundry detergent
  • Diaper doublers
  • Locking diaper pins


  1. Instructions

    • 1

      Launder the diapers with Dreft or other baby detergent several times before using them on your baby. This process will ensure that the diapers are sanitized while increasing their absorbency as well.

    • 2

      Lay the cloth diaper down flat on a soft surface such as a padded changing table or rug.

    • 3

      Line the cloth diaper with a diaper doubler to make it even more absorbent.

    • 4

      Carefully lay the baby down on top of the diaper, positioning his rear in the middle of the diaper.

    • 5

      Pull the front portion of the diaper through the baby's leg and toward his stomach.

    • 6

      If the diaper is too large, fold the top down below the baby's belly button.

    • 7

      Take one of the sides or "wings" of the diaper and fold it in toward the child's middle. Pull it taut and push the pin through both layers of cloth. Close the pin and push in the head to lock it.

    • 8

      Repeat step seven for the other wing of the diaper.

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