How to Install Fypon


Fypon is a urethane-based material that is formed into profile shapes -- similar to wood trim. Advantages of using Fypon instead of wood include easier cutting with hand tools, and it's not as bulky and heavy as wood. It can be installed by fewer workers than some of the larger wood trim pieces.

Fypon must be installed with corrosion resistant fasteners, and urethane adhesive must be applied to the back of the Fypon where the contact is made to the wall or ceiling. Fypon can be cut with conventional tools -- similar to wood trim.

Things You'll Need

  • Stud finder
  • Tape measure
  • Miter saw
  • Caulking gun
  • Urethane adhesive
  • Hammer
  • Corrosion resistant nails
  • Nail set
  • Wood filler
  • White latex caulk
  • Find the studs in the walls by placing the stud finder on the wall near the ceiling and move the stud finder horizontally along the wall. When the stud finder locates a stud, mark it on the wall.

  • Apply adhesive to the back of the outside corner pieces of Fypon.

  • Install the outside corner pieces with corrosion resistant nails by nailing them through the Fypon and into the wall studs.

  • Install the inside corner pieces in the same manner as the outside pieces.

  • Install divider blocks on each side of all corner pieces by using the adhesive and nails.

  • Measure the distance between the divider pieces and mark the dimension on the uncut Fypon length. Add 1/8-inch to any length over 5 feet to allow for expansion and contraction of the Fypon.

  • Set the miter saw angle at 90-degrees by loosening the lock handle, located in the front of the saw base, and swing the saw to the left or right until the angle indicator aligns with the "0" on the indicator scale.

  • Place the Fypon piece into the miter saw by laying it flat on the miter saw surface and holding it tight to the miter saw fence.

  • Align the mark on the Fypon with the miter saw blade and cut it.

  • Apply urethane adhesive to the back of the Fypon and nail it into the studs. Any Fypon pieces 5 feet or longer needs to be flexed into place due to the added 1/8-inch.

  • Install all remaining pieces in the same manner as the first.

  • Drive the nail set slightly below the Fypon surface.

  • Fill all nail holes with wood putty.

  • Use latex caulking to fill any open joints in the Fypon.

Tips & Warnings

  • When installing pieces over 5-feet long, place one end against the divider block and flex the center of the Fypon piece outward, placing the other end against the opposite divider block.
  • Always wear safety glasses when installing this material. Do not allow the adhesive to contact the wall in areas that can be seen.

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