I Live in an Apartment Complex & My Toilet Always Clogs: How Can I Fix It?


People who live in apartment complexes dislike having maintenance problems in their apartments. It is inconvenient and often their problem is put on a waiting list. Sometimes they must wait hours or even days for the maintenance guy to show up. If you have frequent problems with your toilet clogging, you can prevent the problem by using less toilet paper and making sure nothing is flushed that is not supposed to be, such as a plastic toy tossed in by a toddler. You can purchase a couple of tools that make it uncomplicated to get rid of the clog yourself. The tools are inexpensive and will save you the time and inconvenience of waiting for a repair.

Things You'll Need

  • Toilet plunger
  • Bucket
  • Closet auger
  • Safety goggles and rubber gloves (optional)

Plunger Method

  • Place a toilet plunger over the hole in the bottom of the toilet bowl.

  • Push it down firmly with both hands. Repeat this method in firm, quick strokes until you see or hear the clog break free.

  • Pour some water into the toilet with a bucket. If the water level goes down, the clog has been loosened.

  • Flush the toilet to ensure it is working properly. If the water does not drain, continue plunging in an effort to loosen the clog. If you cannot unstop the toilet, you may need to use a closet auger -- sometimes called a toilet snake.

Closet Auger

  • Insert the tip of the toilet snake or closet auger into the drain at the bottom of your toilet bowl. Generally, there is a thumb screw on the closet auger that you turn to extend the spring wire.

  • Push the spring wire into the clog until you feel resistance.

  • Twist the thumb screw as you turn the handle of the closet auger. This moves the tip around the drain in order to break up the clog.

  • Move the spiral tip up and down to break up the clog. The water will rush out when the clog is successfully broken up.

  • Pour some water into the toilet bowl to make sure the water level goes down. If so, flush the toilet a couple of times to ensure it is working properly and to rid it of any further clogs.

Tips & Warnings

  • Put on safety goggles and rubber gloves when attempting to unstop a toilet. This keeps any unsanitary water from splashing on you. Wear old clothes if you desire.
  • Remind family members not to use too much toilet paper.This is a common problem with small children.
  • Keep the bathroom door closed at all times if you have a dog that likes to drop his toys or other items into the toilet. The object can sink to the bottom, clog the toilet or cause expensive repairs without you noticing it is in there.

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