How to Get Easy Headshots in "CounterStrike CZ"


"Counter-Strike: Condition Zero," also known as "Counterstrike CZ," released as an expansion for the popular "Counter-Strike" in 2004 and offered gamers significant extensions and improvements over the base game. "Condition Zero" introduced several new items, maps, skirmishes and 12 new single-player levels. Accurate firing and quick kills play a crucial role in "Counter-Strike"'s team-based gameplay. A dead opponent cannot fire back. One of the fastest ways to kill opponents is with headshots. While certain helmets supply players with extra armor, in most cases headshots kill with one or two bullets.

  • Decrease the size of the cross-hairs to make them head-sized. Press the tilde (~) key to the left of the number "1" on the keyboard to bring up the command console. Type in "cl_crosshairscale 2000" minus the quotation marks. Press enter to input the command.

  • Brighten the cross-hair's hue while still in the command console. Brighter cross-hairs allow for better visibility, and hence easier headshots. Type in "cl_crosshairusealpha 6" -- minus the quotation marks -- then press "Enter" to input the command.

  • Stand still while you fire. Strafing, or walking to the side while firing, can help keep you alive in a fierce firefight, but most players fire much less accurately while moving. Stop, line up your shot, and fire.

  • Aim for the head at all times. Avoid body shots completely. While this tactic may get you killed a lot initially, eventually the upward motion will become second nature and result in almost automatic headshots.

  • Equip a shotgun, get in close and aim high. The buckshot's power and spread help create headshots even if your aim isn't precise.

  • Avoid automatic fire. Sustained bouts of automatic fire causes your cross-hair size to increase and accuracy to lower. Shoot in one to three shot bursts to maintain the highest possible accuracy.

Tips & Warnings

  • While these techniques will greatly help your headshot rate, the only way to hit headshots consistently and easily is practice.

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