How do I Install Octave & Tool Kits?

How do I Install Octave & Tool Kits? thumbnail
Tough algebra problems can be solved easily with GNU Octave.

Numerical computation is essential to a wide variety of activities ranging from science and engineering to film making and music recording. GNU Octave is a free numerical computing package that is largely compatible with the commercial package MATLAB. Learning how to install GNU Octave and its tool kits will allow you to perform numerical computations quickly on your computer. While the installation process is a little tricky, you will be rewarded with a free, high-quality application that is compatible with the most popular commercial numerical computing environments.


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      Download a copy of Cygwin setup.exe from the company's website. Open the setup.exe file and click "Run."

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      Click "Next" in the "Cygwin Net Release Setup Program" window.

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      Check "Install from Internet" and click "Next" on the "Choose a download source" window.

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      Check "All Users" and click "Next" on the "Select Root Install Directory" window.

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      Select the default folder on the window "Select Local Package Directory" and click "Next."

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      Check "Direct connection" and click "Next" on the ‘Select Your Internet Connection’ window.

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      Click on the first address on the list in the window "Choose a Download Site" and click "Next." If there is an error, click on the second address and click "Next." Continue choosing the subsequent address until you are successful.

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      Click "OK" on the "Setup Alert Warning" window. This error is only applicable to existing Cygwin users.

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      Click the "+" beside the "Math" entry in the list of packages on the "Select Packages" window. Scroll down and find the four items in the "Package" list that have "octave" at the start of their name. Click once on "Skip" in the "New" column for each of the packages. The word "Skip" will change to the version number of each of the packages. Click "Next."

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      Check "Select required packages (Recommended)" on the "Resolving Dependencies" window. Click "Next." Cygwin, octave and the toolkits will now be installed on your computer. This will take around 10 minutes depending on your connection speed.

    • 11

      Click "Finish" on the "Installation Status" window. The software is now installed on your computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • To run octave double click "Cygwin." A command line window will appear. Type ‘octave’ and press "enter."

  • Octave takes some time to learn.

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