How to Get Firm Pecs


Pectoral muscles are one sign of a physically and aesthetically pleasing body. If you are a man, strong pecs will give you a firm, solid, wide chest that is associated with strength and vigor. If you are a woman, strong pecs will help hold your breasts up and improve the line of your chest. There are two things you need to do to firm up your pecs. One is to strengthen and build the pectoral muscles, while the other is to lose body fat, which will come off your entire body, your chest included.

  • Exercise your whole body with interval-based, high-intensity cardio training. This is an exercise like running, swimming, cycling or boxing performed at maximum speed or intensity for a few minutes, then minimal speed or intensity for a few minutes, and repeated for around 20 minutes. This is the most effective form of fat-burning cardio, and it will burn your body fat off your whole body, firming up your chest by removing the fat on it.

  • Perform regular bench presses by gripping an Olympic bar, bringing it down so that it touches your shirt just above your nipples, then pushing it back up, keeping your elbows in and your shoulder blades together. Use a weight that allows you to do four to six reps to build your muscle strength and density and use a lower weight to build muscle size by doing eight to 12 reps.

  • Perform the same exercise on an inclined bench to focus on your upper chest.

  • Perform the same exercise on a decline to focus on your lower chest.

  • Lie on the floor face down for push-ups. Put your hands at shoulder width with your palms flat and your toes on the floor. Push up with your back straight. Lower yourself down until your nose almost touches the floor, then push up again, keeping your elbows in. Repeat as many as possible.

  • Alternate your resistance and interval training days. If you interval train on Monday, weight train on Tuesday, and so on.

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